Intex Useit® Sanding Disc SuperPads x 120G (Pack of 5)

Ultra-high performance abrasives featuring advanced patented technology for flawless finishing results every time. Exclusive ‘Snake-Track’ porthole technology draws out dust at edges and over entire disc surface, eliminating build-up and clogging, providing ultra-long abrasive life. Patented cushioning system allows even dust extraction, reduces heat, and causes sanding head to float on the surface; absorbing unevenness, resisting swirl marks and gouging, and assists fatigue free working minimising applied pressure. Aluminium oxide grit and malleable paper covered in a unique abrasive coating ensures uniform wearing.
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Superior Coating. With the unique abrasive coating, clogging is a thing of the past, attaining new levels of sanding performance and producing an excellent finish every time. Patented Cushion Design. The perfect foam thickness reduces swirl marks and dishing, providing consistent finishing results, uniform wearing and extended abrasive life. Causing the sanding head to float on the surface, the soft foam cushioning also enables fatigue free working. Snake-Track Perforation Technology. This exclusive pattern to Intex Useit® provides superior extraction of dust and longer lasting discs. HOW IT WORKS: Perforation - Intex Useit® SuperPad abrasives have holes throughout the surface that, with powerful suction, draw out dust and eliminate load-up. Dust is extracted through the perforations in a congestion - free flow - not only at the sanding plate edges, but over the entire surface. This elimination of clogging ensures ultra long effective abrasive life. Fibre Backing - Intex Useit® SuperPad abrasives utilize a non-woven backing that draws the dust through the extraction portholes evenly. The SuperPad cushioning system both eliminates scratches and swirls marks and drastically increases life of the abrasive disc. The backing cushion also and allows for ease of operation without the need to apply added pressure. Aluminium Oxide Grit - Traditional plasterboard sandpaper uses a sharp edged silicon carbide abrasive that starts out cutting hard, but doesnt wear evenly. Intex Useit® SuperPad abrasives utilize Aluminium Oxide grit that is rounded (instead of jagged) and allow for uniform wearing, cutting at the same rate throughout their usable life; this in turn ensures a consistent, even finish every time. HOW TO RECOGNISE THE GENUINE ARTICLE: - Look for the Useit® logo on backing and the following patent numbers: US-Patent 5,810,650 EP-Patent 0 781 629 B1. - Look for holes punched through the abrasive paper NOT through the backing. - Look for unique coating which has surface holes punched to the edge of the pad rim. - Look for advanced Intex Useit® Snake-Track Perforation Technology.
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